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Police/Fire/Veterans Special

$30.00 off!
  • At Middlesex Pest Control, we would like to extend our gratitude and offer our community heroes from Police, Fire and our Veterans a $30.00 off special on all of our services! Call us at (781) 233-4644 today and mention this online ad!

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Carpenter Bee Pest Control Service

$25.00 off!
  • Carpenter Bees are between 1/2 – 1 inch in size. They resemble bumble bees, but the top of their abdomen is largely bare and shiny. We can treat these pests, just call Middlesex Pest Control to get rid of bees and more at (781) 233-4644 and use our $25.00 off special today!

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Carpenter Bee Pest Control

Ant Pest Control Service

$25.00 off!
  • Exterior ant services start as low as $195 and full protection plan began at $250-$300. All services with Middlesex Pest Control come with a 6-month guarantee! Call (701) 233-4644 today and use our $25.00 off promo! Just mention the online ad.

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Ant Pest Control

Termite Pest Control Service

$100.00 off!
  • Middlesex Pest Control offers a full 5-year warranty on its termite service. We are the #1 choice for termite service, where we have treated over 1,000 properties. Call (781) 233-4644 and use our special of $100.00 off today for termite control service!
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Termite Pest Control

Bed Bug Control Service

$40.00 off!
  • Bed bugs are a pain, but at Middlesex Pest Control we have got you covered! We have been treating bed bugs for over 30 years and has serviced 10,000 units. We provide a 3-month warranty, so just call us at (781) 233-4644 and use our $40.00 off special promo today!
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Bed Bug Control

Mice Pest Control Service

$25.00 off!
  • We’re one of the leading exterminators at eliminating and preventing rodents. We offer a 6-month warranty for all rodent services and will continue to come back until your problem is gone. Call (781) 233-4644 and use our $25.00 off special today!

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Mice Pest Control